Rajasthani Folk Dance

This collection contains seven Rajasthani dances.

Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of Rajasthan, performed by the women folk who are clad in veils and flowing dresses called “ghaghra”. It was ranked 4th in the list of "Top 10 local dances around the world" in 2013. The word ghoomna describes the twirling movement of the dancers and is the basis of the word ghoomar.

Chari dance is prominent amonst Gujjar and Saini community of Kishangarh and Ajmer in Rajasthan. Chari dance is a female group dance and is performed at marriage celebrations, on the birth of a male child and during festivals. Dancers carry flaming pots on their heads, without giving any support with their hands, while performing graceful movements with their limbs and hips.

Chakri Dance is performed in almost all the marriages and festivals in the Haroti region of Rajasthan. Chakri translates to “Chakkar” in Hindi and Circle in English, and the highlight of the dance is the circular motion of the dancers sitting on their knees, twirling round and round in circles, with their skirts in constant flare to the rhythmic beats of the “Nagara”.

The popular folk song, "Pallo Lat Ke", depicts the emotional disputes between the bride and the bridegroom, during the occasion of their wedding.

Kalbelia or Kabeliya is one of the most famous dance forms of Rajasthan, performed by a tribe of the same name. The Kalbeliya tribes are nomads and are traditional serpent charmers. Hence, the dance movements and the costumes bear a resemblance to that of the serpents. Both men and women participate in the dance.

Holiya Me Ude Re Gulal... is a Rajasthani folk dance that exalts the celebration of the Indian festival of colours, Holi.

Tarazu symbolises the equilibrium that the people of Rajasthan maintain in all aspects of their life. Be it the sun baked sands of the desert or the coolness inside the mud huts, the people of Rajasthan does a balancing act, which strikes a harmonious blend with Mother Nature.

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