#NatyaSutraLive Sessions


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How to Participate

  1. Register & purchase the webinar entry token with your email ID and phone number.
  2. Acknowledge the receipt of Payment Success mail by sending us a reply.
  3. On the date of the webinar, you shall be given the link to access the class.
  4. The webinar will be conducted via Zoom.
  5. Join the webinar using the same name and email address you used to register.
  6. Participants are requested to download the Zoom App to access the workshop through your Mobile Phones.
  7. We recommend joining through your computer for better experience.
  8. Please join the webinar at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time to avoid any delay.
  9. To interact, follow these steps:
  • Raise your hands in Zoom Chat.
  • Send your query in Chat.
  • After approving the query, the Attendee's webcam/mobile camera will be enabled.
  • We suggest you keep your mic on mute/silent mode.

We will be available to give you technical assistance via zoom chat or phone, during the course of the webinar.


Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate in #NatyaSutraLive Sessions, the user must undertake to fill in the correct information for all requested data on the registration page.
  2. Participation links will be provided only after confirmation of Payment & Acknowledgement of the same.
  3. Participation may require you to browse a certain URL for joining the session accessible from the invitation mail.
  4. Mobile phone users can access the workshop only through the Zoom app. The app has to be installed before the workshop to avoid delays.
  5. Registrations and Participation links are not to be transferred to other individuals.
  6. The user will be solely responsible for their login details.
  7. Participants are requested to ensure and test their computer/webcam/mic or any such devices before the program. We will not be responsible for any such errors during the program.
  8. Participants are requested to refrain from any unlawful/unwanted /inappropriate acts during the course of the webinar. Such actions lead to immediate blocking from the programs and further legal actions as required.
  9. 'Host' reserves the right to cancel the interaction anytime during the session.
  10. Please note due to the uncertain circumstances, respective artists' content and timings may vary.
  11. NatyaSutraOnline reserves the right to cancel, change the duration of the event due to various reasons.
  12. All webinar related materials and contents remain the copyright of NatyaSutraOnline under Invis Multimedia Pvt Ltd.
  13. They must not be distributed to any third party at any time or any form without prior, written permission from NatyaSutraOnline.
  14. Any breach of copyright, including recording the presentation or any unauthorized use of the material may lead to legal action.
  15. The event facility includes a feature to record the entire events including audio, video and materials exchanged through chat. By joining a session, the user automatically consents to such recordings.
  16. NatyaSutraOnline or Invis Multimedia Pvt Ltd is not responsible for the opinions and views expressed during the workshop.
  17. Cancellations and refunds after payments are not applicable.