#NatyaSutraLive Sessions


How to Participate

  1. Participants must Register and purchase the workshop entry token with their email ID and phone number.
  2. Please acknowledge the receipt of the Payment Success by emailing us.
  3. Offline participants must arrange to reach the location 30 minutes before the prescribed time.
  4. Online participants will receive the link to join the session on the workshop date.
  5. Zoom is the online platform for conducting the online workshop, so kindly download the app on your chosen device. Please join the online session 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time to avoid delay.
  6. Participants are requested to bring their government-approved photo id card to gain entry into the venue.
  7. Join the workshop online using the same name and email address you used to register. We recommend joining through your computer for a better experience.
  8. Participants are requested to ensure and test their computer/webcam/mic or any such devices before the program. We will not be responsible for any such technical errors during the program.
  9. Lunch shall be available for offline participants.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate in #NatyaSutraLive Sessions, the user must undertake to fill in the correct information for all requested data on the registration page.
  2. Entry to the venue and online participation links will be provided only post payment confirmation and acknowledgement email.
  3. Participation may require you to browse a specific URL for joining the session accessible from the invitation mail.
  4. Registrations and Participation links are non-transferable.
  5. The Dance Workshop takes all reasonable care and maintains professional standards while conducting the workshop. Hence, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during participation in the workshop/classes.
  6. Your participation is considered a declaration that you are physically and medically fit for the lessons and are liable for your own safety and that of your belongings.
  7. The worskhop fees are non-refundable, and no refunds apply to all workshops unless the organizers themselves cancel them.
  8. Students must wear appropriate clothing, keeping in mind the nature of the activity. If the workshop practitioner deems the attire unsafe, the organizers reserve the right to prevent the student from participating in the activity as a health and safety measure.
  9. During sessions, students must behave reasonably and amicably. They must patiently observe the Guru and avoid unnecessary conversation. If a student continuously disrupts the overall learning experience for others, they will be asked to leave. Permanent bans from future events may also apply.
  10. Video, still photographs and audio recordings of the workshop proceedings are strictly prohibited. All violators are held liable for unauthorized recording and dissemination of duly copyrighted workshop proceedings, whether with or without personal consent. This is a direct legal violation, as only authorized personnel designated by the organizers have permission to record the event.
  11. By joining the workshop, you acknowledge and accept all the rules and regulations presented herein and agree to have full accountability for violating any of the provisions. Comprehensive legal action will be initiated for breach in any agreement provision.

NatyaSutra is an attempt to permanently preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of India. Our dream is to provide 24/7 online access to personalized lectures, tutorials, classes, and performances of all Indian art and culture.