The Divine Cowherd

The Divine Cowherd

Rama Vaidyanathan takes us on a special Bharatanatyam journey through the dual roles of Lord Krishna on Earth. On one hand, we are protected by his divine aura, while on the other, he is a relatable cowherd.



Cholkettu, the invocation rituals in mohiniyattam presented by Smitha Rajan. This carnatic composition pays homage to Sri Parvathi-Parameshwara and Devi Saraswathi. The learning of the Cholkettu represents a crucial epoch in a dancer's journey


Sri Chakra Raja...

It is an ode to Goddess Lalithambika. This keerthana is performed by Smitha Rajan, the granddaughter of Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma.

Bhogeendra sayinam

Bhogeendra Sayinam

Learn Bharatanatyam composition Bhogeendra Sayinam, a tribute to Lord Vishnu, seated atop the serpent Anantha or Adi Sesha. This Swati Tirunal Kriti was choreographed, presented and demonstrated by Dr. Rajashree Warrier



The Yennadaina Bharatanatyam composition by Rama Vaidyanathan is a tale of an exasperated heroine at the end of her wits. Our fearless protagonist stands up to the object of her adoration, Lord Krishna, as she yearns to be the sole object of his attention.

Lament to the Birds

Lament to the Birds

Rama Vaidyanathan introduces us to the despair of a lover in this Bharatanatyam composition. Our heroine involves the birds in the sky, and this piece focusses on her lamentations to them over her treatment by her divine lover.

Pali Chandra

Ghazal Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein

Learn Begum Akhtar's famous Ghazal Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qarar Tha. Kathak maestro Guru Dr Pali Chandra guides students through the various layers of this composition, exploring Begum’s nuanced take on love that is mature enough to accept not being acknowledged.

Padam Kanden Shyamala

Smitha Rajan takes us on a mystical journey in this Mohiniyattam performance. Composed by her legendary grandmother, Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma, this padam Kanden Shyamala traces the bliss of encountering a divine being.

Pushpanjali and Alarippu

Pushpanjali and Alarippu

Pushpanjali is a divine offering of flowers that is a mark of respect to the Gods, one's teachers and those who are witnessing the recital. Alarippu is a reference to the flowering bud, which utilizes every part of the artist's body. Rama Vaidyanathan guides us through its intricacies.

Rama Vaidyanathan with the student


Bharatanatyam teachings and perfromance by Rama Vaidyanathan. Each part of Thiruvempavai is individually introduced, beginning with detailed explanations and teachings by the Rama Vaidyanathan. These are followed by demonstrations from the Guru and a complete performance at the end.

Dr Deepti Omchery Bhalla

Paithal Ganapathy

Dr Deepti Omchery Bhalla presents a new lecture series dedicated to Lord Ganesha in his child form. The popular ‘Bala Ganapathy’ of the Indian pantheon is majestically rendered in this work titled as ‘Paithal Ganapathy’.

Saddu Madalu

Saddu Madalu

Learn bharatanatyam composition by Rama Vaidyanathan set in Kalyani Raga and Adi tala, Saddu Madalu Bedavo Rangayya.... This padam focuses on an interaction between a gopika and Lord Krishna. The former requests the divine being to stop playing his flute at middle of the night and not to invite trouble by waking others.

Sreelakshmi Govardhanan and Students

Sri Sakala Ganadhipa

Sri Sakala Ganadhipa Palaya Mam Anisham is a beautiful composition Choreographed by Sreelakshmy Govardhanan and composed by Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. Set in Adi Tala, Arabhi Raga, each part of this composition is well explained by the teacher, and also it includes student demonstrations for better understanding.


Rama Vaidyanathan explores the omnipresence of Lord Shiva in this Bharatanatyam composition. His guidance, strength, and perseverance are integral to his believers.

Pali Chandra

Thumri Kanha Main...

Let us bring to life the eternal bond between Lord Krishna and Radha through an age old classic Kanha Main Tose Haari... Learn the storytelling techniques, performance-related pointers and the nuances of this choreography using three arms of Kathak - Kavit, Thumri and Gat-bhav.

Aduvum Solluvaal

Learn Tamil Padam Aduvum Solluvaal demonstrated by Dr.Rajashree Warrier, set in Raga Sourashtram. This is a creation of Vaideeswarankoil Subbarama Iyer and is among his most famous works.

Thumri Dagar Chalat

Thumri - Dagar Chalat

This Kathak online class by Guru Pali Chandra introduces a new Thumri Dagar Chalat, originally written by the legendary Guru Bindadin Maharaj of the Lucknow Gharana. Thumri's individual components - Shabdarth, Vyakhyarth, Sthayi bhav and Sanchari bhav are explained in detail.

Ardhanareeswara Ashtakam

Ardhanareeswara Ashtakam

Rama Vaidyanathan explores the duality of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, with a Bharatanatyam composition on their legendary form, the Ardhanareeswara.

Madhura ashtakam teaching session


This Bharatanatyam DanceLessons by Rama Vaidyanathan is subdivided into nine sections. Each part of Madhura ashtakam is individually introduced, beginning with detailed explanations by the teacher. Every word of the original verse is carefully explained. These are followed by demonstrations from the Guru and a complete performance.

Rama Vaidyanathan


Bharatanatyam exponent Smt. Rama Vaidyanathan presents an exclusive lecture series that focuses on a Thillana, originally attributed to legendary Carnatic violinist Padma Bhushan Lalgudi Jayaraman. Available only on natysutra online.

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