Master Class

Smitha Rajan in Mohiniyattam Costume

Varnam Suma Sayaka

Mohniyattam artiste Guru Smitha Rajan guides the students through the concept and central theme of the Suma Sayaka Varnam, individual components of each part, and elaborates on the performance's technical aspects. This class also contains a complete performance and msuic/ audio download of the composition.

Learn Payalia Tarana

Payaliya Tarana

Learn Payalia Tarana Online, a Kathak Composition by Guru Pali Chandra. This composition, Payaliya Jhankar Mori is a combination of Hindu and Persian cultures. A thumri is introduced at the beginning of this Tarana.

kathakali Poothana Moksham

Poothana Moksham

Poothana Moksham Kathakali Master Class by Shri Margi Vijayakumar. It showcases the attainment of moksha or liberation of Poothana, a demoness sent to slay Lord Krishna.


Thillana represents the firth item of a Mohiniyattam performance. This is an original composition of Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma and this dance video tutorial has been shortened by Smitha Rajan

Rajashree Warrier

Navarasa Kauthwam

Revisit the Navarasas, Nine Emotions that drive our day-to-day lives. Guru Rajashree Warrier’s original Bharatnatyam composition delves into the secrets of the human psyche. The ‘Navarasa Kauthwam’ is a dancer's exploration of the factors that influence every human's journey on Earth. The entire composition, with detailed lessons and a downloadable track, is exclusively available at NatyaSutraOnline.

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali is a special prayer in honor of Goddess Durga. Guru Pali Chandra presents the fortifying power of the Goddess, an amalgamation designed by a host of divine beings.

Dr. Neena Prasad teaching mohiniyattam to a Frenchman, Thomas Vo Van Tao

Ananda Bhairavi Swarajathi

Dr. Neena Prasad's teachings commence with an overview of the Swarajathi, elaborating upon its various facets. The Guru then teaches the students the Ananda Bhairavi Swarajathi, individual components of each part, and elaborates on the performance's technical aspects. This class simplifies the teaching process for learners by providing a complete version of the composition and student demonstrations for better understanding.

Revathi Raga Thillana

Dr. Neena Prasad offers detailed analysis, demonstration, and advice on how students must appropriately approach Revati Raga in this Mohiniyattam Thillana. Demonstrations followed by lectures and explanations are the format followed in this course. The different movements of the dancer in the Thillana, the adavus, korvais, and mudras, are carefully explained.

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