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Great news Mohiniyattam students!

Great news Mohiniyattam students! Prominent scholar Deepti Omchery Bhalla joins the Natyasutra family. Natyasutra is thrilled to welcome renowned Indian classical dancer and Mohiniyattam scholar Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla to our roster of esteemed maestros. A prodigious talent both on and off the stage, her contributions towards chronicling indigenous art forms have made her a vital authority on the subject.  Her journey with our team begins with the Paithal Ganapathy, an ode to Bala Ganesha, where we get a glimpse of the obstacles the divine being himself faces. To access this composition and other works that push the envelope of Indian art forms, stay tuned to Start learning today.

Presidential Recognition for Dr Neena Prasad

Mohiniattam virtuoso Dr Neena Prasad was honoured by India's premier cultural agency, Sangeet Natak Akademi, as part of a select group of artisans who have contributed immensely to Indian artforms. She is among 128 winners who were presented this award by Indian president Droupadi Murmu  at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on 23 February 2023. The Sangeet Natak Akademi (Akademi Puraskar) commemorates the highest standard of excellence and achievement and emphasises a lifetime of sustained individual work and contribution in the field of music, dance, theatre, traditional, folk, puppetry etc. Winners of the award receive a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh), besides a Tamrapatra and Angavastram. This award cements an artist's place in India's cultural pantheon for life, and Dr Neena Prasad joins an impressive list of inductees for the combined years of 2019,2020 and 2021. The entire Natyasutra family congratulates Dr Neena Prasad on this great achievement and is glad she chooses to share her artistic genius on this platform.

Gita Govinda documentation nearing completion

Visit for information on all 24 songs of Gita Govinda Kathak is set to be enriched with another magnificent creation, as for the first time ever, Dr Pali Chandra is currently composing and choreographing all 24 songs of the Gita Govinda. The 12th century Sanskrit poem is an ode to Lord Krishna by Jayadeva, and the Guru plans to represent all facets of the original composition. Upon completion, this is shall be one of India’s premier artistic undertakings of the modern era. The project has been in the works for half a decade, with over 150 people involved in the production in Kerala. Guru Pali’s students also flew in from Gurukul all over the world to support this monumental effort. The stage for display is also unique: alongside eminent ICT service provider Invis, this special edition of the Gita Govinda was shot in an indigenously developed Miyawaki forest. This afforestation technique has taken the world by storm, and it adds to the charm of the whole project. The stage itself is a 120 sq.m. plot at Puliyrakonam in Thiruvanthapuram, with over 400 native species decorating the entire area. Jayadeva’s original work incidentally mentions 40 plants as well. Guru Pali Chandra wished to combine and recreate all the stanzas of the poem, as this has never been done before. Gathering the source material itself took a lot of work, as a single comprehensive text of the work is hard to gain.  The project will host detailed online teaching sessions for students also. This complexity is what led to the Guru joining hands with Invis to gather, translate, verify and then choreograph the entire text.  Invis’s founding Managing Director M.R. Hari is the creative director of the entire project.   The production and post-production assignments are being undertaken by an Invis team of 100 members, led by Natyasutra CEO Anitha Jayakumar. The focus on Radha in this project will bring new light to the many complexities and mystiques surrounding her character. The Guru plans to explain the text carefully via dance, explaining the various themes of this Great Poem, taking her students to medieval Odisha, where this orchestra of devotion was initially composed. Natyasutraonline is the platform via which the Guru wishes to further this cause, a further recognition of its widespread acceptance among the icons of Indian classical dance. The Guru is aided in this production with singers and musical instruments from across India; this includes composer B.Sivaramakrishna Rao and keyboard and rhythm arranger Venky D.C. Entire The text is being prepared by Dr. Radhika Menon with a coffee table book on mural paintings of artists V.S. Sudheer and K K Baiju in two different styles.  

NatyaSutraOnline turns two!

#NatyaSutraDanciversary A new year, a fresh anniversary, and yet another chance to get the band back together.  This November 1st, we celebrate the 2nd edition of NatyaSutraOnline's inception.  This event is a yearly reminder that our amazing global dance community has propelled NatyaSutra to greater heights. The new courses, art forms, and maestros under the NatyaSutra umbrella are testament to this support. We have a month of exclusive events to commemorate NatyaSutraOnline turning two. Like last year, considering global circumstances, the event will be hosted virtually. We request the NatyaSutra community to send their video clips documenting their journey in nritya alongside us. All submissions are welcome, be it snippets of your personal development or moves you learned over the last year.  Join us in our month-long Virtual Danciversary Celebration All you have to do is: Record your classical dance/music performances, Post it on your social, tag us and use #NatyaSutraDanciversary or mail us at This Danciversary is our heartfelt tribute to every member of the NatyaSutraOnline family, and we wish to honor its diversity and skill throughout these festivities. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube  

Thiruvathira Paattukal

Thiruvathira Paattukal is a unique collection of folk hits that celebrates the southern festival of Thiruvathira. The highlight of the festivities is a mesmerizing dance, which usually occurs in the Malayalam month of Dhanu. An anthology of classic hits perfectly compliments this carnival of fidelity and communal harmony. NatyaSutraOnline is proud to provide a dedicated background album with tracks that perfectly set the tone for this auspicious period. Listen to the collection now: Thiruvathira Paattukal ARTIST INFO Composer and Singer: K. R Shyama Group singers: Athira Murali, Saranya B Nair, Rajalakshmi R. S Tabla and idakka: Hari Krishnamurthy

World Photography Day - Ft. Homai Vyarawalla

INTRODUCTION Homai Vyarawalla (1913-2012), Modern India’s first female photojournalist, was a trailblazer in many regards. While defying traditional gender stereotypes, she also displayed exemplary journalistic courage while chronicling India’s euphoric yet painful transition towards becoming an independent nation-state. Her images retold the Partition from the eyes of the displaced and the decision-makers, along with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a time that redefined the entire subcontinent. EARLY LIFE AND WORK Ms. Vyarawalla was born in 1913 in India, where the quest for Independence was slowly picking up steam, but societal expectations of women were still somewhat archaic. Raised in a Parsi family, she was the lone female enrollee at the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art. Here, she fell in love with her craft and met her future husband and fellow journalist, Manekshaw Vyarawalla. From freelance assignments of group outings, Ms. Homai used the prima facie disapproval of others to gain experience and access to a plethora of significant events. Her most memorable images humanized our freedom fighters, as epoch-defining decisions made the country experience great happiness alongside permanent scars. From an in-depth look at World War 2, stills from the Quit India Movement, the formation of the Constituent Assembly to the birth of India and Pakistan, Ms. Homai perfectly chronicled the birth of our Motherland. She also caught breathtakingly realistic images of a nation grieving the loss of life, communal divides, and the deep need of an entire civilization to re-announce itself to the planet after centuries of servitude. RECOGNITION AND LAURELS Employed at the prestigious British Information Services in the 1940s, her lifetime of work earned India’s second-highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2011. Her 104th birth anniversary was celebrated with a Google Doodle, where the moniker India’s “First Lady of the Lens” was aptly attached to the photojournalist. Her knack for capturing crucial moments of India’s struggle for Independence and her irreverence for gender norms make her among India’s finest photographers to date.   Learn Photography by Balan Madhavan, Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers

NatyaSutraOnline turns one!

NatyaSutraOnline celebrates first anniversary on November 1st!

Odissi Beginners Lessons Live Now!

Odissi Beginners Lessons

Poothanamoksham Live Now!

The Liberation of a Demoness is upon us! The Poothana Moksham or Deliverance of Poothana is now streaming exclusively on NatyaSutraOnline. Renowned artisan Shri Margi Vijayakumar, known for his portrayal of female roles, has designed this Kathakali presentation. The conundrum faced by a demoness, the magical power of a mother’s love, and the majesty of Lord Krishna, forms the bedrock for this tantalizing production. Click here for the Master Class.

Pioneer of Odissi Dance

A phenomenon, one of India’s most prominent dance legends, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra introduced new techniques and styles into the classical art form Odissi. He is credited for the revival of the Odissi dance in the 20th century. Guru Kelucharan is the first person to get Padma Vibhushan from Odisha.  He also received Padma Shri and Sangeet Natak Aademi award. Remembering this pioneer with whose effort Odissi came to be known worldwide and has a global presence.

Remembering Classical Theater Maestro

A devoted artist who redefined Kerala's very own classical drama Kathakali. It is said that the modern history of Kathakali begins where the life history of Pattikkamthodi ends.  He is renowned for reviving Kalluvazhi tradition of this art giving new grammar and steps. This International Dance Day, let's remember this distinguished artist who gave a new life and face to Kerala's classical tradition.

A tribute to exponent Rukmini Devi Arundale

On this International Dance Day, let’s pay homage to Rukmini Devi Arundale, an admirable Bharatanatyam exponent who glorified classical dance in India. Rukmini Devi Arundale is the founder of Kalakshetra, a one-of-a-kind training institution for classical arts.  She was an Indian theosophist, choreographer and an activist for animal rights & welfare.  She was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1956, and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship in 1967.

A tribute to legendary artist Dr. Maya Rao

Remembering Dr. Maya Rao, the renowned dancer who amplified Kathak’s popularity in South India. She was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1989. She received the first scholarship instituted by Government of India to learn Kathak under the guidance of Guru Shambu Maharaj of the Lucknow Gharana. On this International Dance Day, we pay our tribute to this legendary artist, without whom Kathak wouldn't have been in its present day glory in South India.

Let us lock in dance

Feel the panic mount? Let the nritya of our ancestors relax your senses. As the world combats COVID-19 and India enters an unprecedented 21-day lockdown, let's quarantine and jam to the compositions our forefathers preserved for us. These Indian classical dance videos have been handpicked by the NatyaSutraOnline team to redirect your mind in these trying times. They represent anthems, hymns, and personal productions that have a profound life lesson for all our viewers. So let's stay indoors and get our nritya on! Click here to check out our free classes.

Sri Chakra Raja... Mohiniyattam composition live now!

The Goddess within each woman is explored to the fullest in 'Sri Chakra Raja...' the newest Mohiniyattam composition by Guru Smitha Rajan.  Our homes are the fulcrum around which our Universe functions. Age is no barrier while experiencing the true power of the female mystique.  With in-depth explanations and demonstrations, classical dance aficionados across the spectrum can explore the wonders of this mystical force.  A new realm in Indian nritya is about to rear its head, as we usher in the era of the Sacred Female.

Intermediate Lessons to be launched on International Women's Day!

  NatyaSutraOnline, along with Guru Pali Chandra, salutes the brave individuals whose sacrifices have set the stage for a truly gender-equal world. March 8th is universally celebrated as International Women’s Day, and to commemorate this special occasion, we are proud to announce the release of Guru Pali Chandra’s Intermediate Online Classes for Kathak. Our Indian classical dance forms represent the truest form of equality, where skill and perseverance are the only tools necessary to establish yourself. They filter against any form of discrimination and have encouraged all dancers to find their own equal footing in society for centuries. This International Women’s Day, NatyaSutraOnline joins hands with the #GenerationEquality proclamation of the UN. Guru Pali Chandra’s Intermediate  Kathak classes shall now be accessible for students across the globe.

Panchakarma, Ayurveda's Premier Healthcare Regimen

We are excited to present a special video presentation containing essential Panchakarma treatment methods. Ayurveda has played an integral role in Indian households for centuries, and Panchakarma represents the epitome of its healing prowess. Panchakarma is essentially a 5-step approach to holistic well-being, with an organic outlook towards a healthy lifestyle. This presentation has been carefully subdivided into 36 individual parts, each chronicling the benefits and nuances of the treatment. The lessons within will surely improve the physical, mental, and spiritual state of the individual. 

Mohiniyattam by Smitha Rajan

Smitha Rajan is a third-generation exponent of Mohiniyattam, a key figure in the drive to revitalize classical Indian dance globally. The granddaughter of legendary artist Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma, she has played a crucial role in reintroducing the general public to the core tenets of her art form. A traditionalist by all accounts, we are proud to announce her new series on Mohiniyattam compositions. The padam titled, 'Padam Kanden Shyamala,' is now exclusively available on This series chronicles the mesmerizing bliss a mortal must endure in the presence of Lord Krishna. The entire program is divided into sections with detailed explanations, demonstrations, and a live performance.

Intermediate Lessons

NatyaSutraOnline is happy to announce that intermediate classes shall be released soon on all our platforms. Personally crafted by Guru Pali Chandra, this series aims at helping students who have either finished the beginners' program or for those with a pre-existing background in Kathak. It is the perfect transition towards further enriching your journey in the path of Kathak.

NatyaSutra is an attempt to permanently preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of India. Our dream is to provide 24/7 online access to personalized lectures, tutorials, classes, and performances of all Indian art and culture.