Neela Varnam

Neela Varnam: Krishna The Blue God

This composition gently probes the divine ecstasy one experiences via Lord Krishna. Krishna is peace, bliss and an eternal whirlpool of blue that encompasses every aspect of a believer’s life. Neela Varnam is a study of this feeling, an expression of a lifelong devotion to Krishna.

The program contains eight performances by Rajashree Warrier and there are no audio available for download. The performances cover the length and breadth of a comprehensive relationship with Lord Krishna. Bharatanatyam compositions tend to be of the nritta (pure dance) and nritya (mime and music-based). These renditions are nritya based, with Rajashree Warrier using pure expressions to the accompanying track.
Programme Contents
1. Marulu Minchera
2. Neelakkarmukil Varnan
3. Jo Achyuthananda
4. Gummana Karayadire
5. Gandhamu Poyyaruga
6. Kallu Veno
7. Krishnayena Barade
8. Aaye Giridhar

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