It is the dance of the Mohini, the celestial enchantress of Hindu mythology. Mohiniyattam is the female classical solo dance of Kerala, India. Noted for its wide swinging steps, Mohiniyattam reminds one of the graceful, gentle swaying of green paddy fields. It is a dance of sheer enchantment, its purpose being overtly sensual.

Enjoy the eclectic shades of feminine beauty in Mohiniyattam with Dr. Deepthi Omcherry Bhalla, an accomplished artiste of Mohiniyattam. She is currently Reader in Carnatic Music at the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi. Her performances exude vitality, warmth and enchant the initiated and the uninitiated alike.

Subtitles : English

1.Innu Mama Bhagya Taru
2.Nritha Prabandham
3.Papabhaya Haranam
4.Dundubhi Natyam

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