Love and devotion, which is the embodiment of relationship between Lord Krishna and his beloved companion Radha, is best portrayed in Manipuri dance. The richly bedecked costumes, graceful movements, gentle strides make Manipuri a delightful lyrical recitation. Graceful movements are its hallmark, with gently placed steps.

A gifted performer of Manipuri dance, Bimbavati Devi along with artistes of Manipuri Nartanalaya- Kolkata gives you an audio-visual extravaganza, bringing forth the creative essence of Manipuri dance. She is the disciple and daughter of Guru Bipin Singh and Kalavati Devi.  

Subtitles : English

1.Nani Churi
2.Vasant Ras
3.Dhol Cholom
4.Radha Roop Varnan
5.Pung Cholom

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