This 2000-year-old dance form is poetry in motion. The dance is full of unfettered rhythmic movements and expressions, which is devotional in spirit, highly stylized and sophisticated in its technique. The musical component of Bharatanatyam uses Sanskrit, Telugu, and Kannada, besides Tamil.

Introducing you to the celestial beauty of Bharatanatyam is Anita Ratnam, whose profound insight and vast experience in Bharatanatyam has enabled her to combine the traditional as well as innovative elements, rendering a new dimension to it. She is a cultural activist, and the guiding force of ‘Arangam Dance Theatre’ based in Chennai.

Subtitles : English

1.Ambika Pallavi
2. Andal Kouthuvam
3.Painkili Vannan
4.Sirulu Minchina
6.Priye Charuseele

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