Most of the Rajasthani folk dances are accompanied by instruments, namely, Dholak, Kadthal, Nagara and Morchang. Dholak, Nagara and Kadthal are percussion instruments, while Morching is a string instrument. Jugalbandhi is a musical ensemble in which all the aforementioned instruments are played together. Jugalbandhi is usually performed during Rajasthani wedding ceremonies and other auspicious occasions.

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Аюрведическое лечение направлено на целостное здоровье человека, и панчакарма или «пять действий» представляет стабильную стратегию для омоложения пациентов.

Kalamandalam Gopi


This Kathakali play with English subtitles is on the second day of Nalacharitham Attakatha by Unnayi Warrier which include the Choothukali (Game of Dice), Verpadu (Separation) and Damayanthiyum Kattalanum (Damayanthi and Forest Dweller). Presented by Padmashree Kalamandalam Gopi, Margi Vijayakumar and Kalamandalam Balasubrahmaniyan.


Listen to the eight magnificent Baul compositions performed by the renowned artist Parvathy Baul. Baul songs are noted for its poetic wisdom and soulful rendering.

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