Vajrasana, also known as the diamond pose, is a sitting posture which involves sitting on the knees with the calves beneath the thighs. It is the only pose that can be done on a full stomach.

The pose is ideal for practicing meditation and breathing exercises like Pranayama, Kapalabhati, and Anulom Vilom.

Vajrasana makes joints and ligaments strong as well as flexible. The muscles around the pelvic regions are greatly benefited. The posture also stimulates the functioning of kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Yoga Demonstration by: Gayatri Srinivasan

Note: – Supervision of an Experienced Yoga instructor is highly recommended for learning Yoga.

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It is an ode to Goddess Lalithambika. This keerthana is performed by Smitha Rajan, the granddaughter of Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma.


Rama Vaidyanathan takes us on a special Bharatanatyam journey through the dual roles of Lord Krishna on Earth. On one hand, we are protected by his divine aura, while on the other, he is a relatable cowherd.

Guru Dr Pali Chandra

Workshop on Gita Govinda by Guru (Dr) Pali Chandra. She teaches abhinaya and kathak dance choreographies of three compositions - each on Krishna, Radha and Sakhi. Live performance by local folk artists and talks by three guest speakers (Gita Govinda nature and environment related talks, non-Kathak dancer Abhinaya session and body care tips)

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