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Gita Govinda Immersion Residential workshop

Offline Workshop, Guru Dr Pali Chandra

Gita Govinda Immersion Residential workshop

Offline Workshop
Guru Dr Pali Chandra

01st - 07th August 2023
From 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM IST

About the Programme

Visit www.natyasutraonline.com/gita-govinda for information on all 24 songs of Gita Govinda 

Gita Govinda - the eternal story of Keli, Viraha and Kaivalya - Love, Separation and Bliss from Reunion. It is the story of a spiritual and symbiotic relationship between mortals and Nature. Mainly, it is catharsis for all who encounter it, as years upon years of meaningless stress and unearned burdens are cleansed while seeking oneness with the Universe. Now, in the 21st century, you can relive the bliss and magnificence of Poet Jayadeva’s masterpiece in a carbon-neutral setting; a forest and stage explicitly built to pay homage to this mighty work of Indian literature. Guru Dr Pali Chandra and Natyasutraonline are proud to present a 7-day Immersion Residential workshop to lose oneself in the Gita Govinda's beauty and dive deep into a setting replicating medieval India and its quaint charm.

Step away from the rigours of daily life, transport yourself to 12th-century India, and make dance the core of your existence for a week. Our team has a dedicated programme planned to release the mind from the prison of thought that tends to distract humans from their true calling and purpose. The Gita Govinda truly manifests in the cosmic duo of the mystical forest, Vrindavan, along the bank of river Yamuna. This workshop seeks to champion these tangible and intangible elements of nature. Our patrons can relive the magic that set ablaze the hearts of billions of devotees. Allow yourself to step away from the irrelevant and focus inwards on what you are genuinely passionate about.

This event is part of a monumental project that has received widespread attention this year. For the first time in India’s recorded history, all 24 songs of the Gita Govinda are set to be choreographed and composed. Kathak icon Guru Dr Pali Chandra helms this endeavour. In light of this achievement, this programme shall further explore the overarching themes and ambience that enabled Poet Jayadeva to pen such an iconic composition.

Salient Features:
Workshop on Gita Govinda by Guru D) Pali Chandra (3 prabandhs)
5 minutes audio files of the three prabandhs will be provided only after publishing the programme online.
Talks by three guest speakers (talks about nature and environment associated with the Gita Govinda, a session on Abhinaya from a non-kathak dancer and body conditioning advice)
Live performance by local folk artists

Criteria : Age 18+ , 5 Year of Dancing Experience

HEALING FORESTS: Miyawaki Memorial Nature Lab, Puliyarakonam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

The entire event will be documented via still images and video photography, and this content will be used at the discretion of Natyasutraonline.
Patrons shall be provided lunch on all days of the seminar.
Those needing accommodation may avail of the same at an additional cost.

Stay tuned to Natyasutraonline for more releases regarding the event, or contact our team directly in case of any doubts.
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