NatyaSutraOnline brings Indian cultural dance to the World. Thousands of years of our dance heritage are now available for the entire planet to consume. We aim at permanently preserving and reintroducing our Nritya to a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

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Panchakarma is the treatment method of Ayurveda, The Indian system of Herbal Medicine. This title presents 27 therapeutic Rejuvinative and Preventive Programmes of Ayurveda.

Guru Dr Pali Chandra


This Kathak online class by Guru Pali Chandra introduces a new Thumri Dagar Chalat, originally written by the legendary Guru Bindadin Maharaj of the Lucknow Gharana. Thumri's individual components - Shabdarth, Vyakhyarth, Sthayi bhav and Sanchari bhav are explained in detail.


Learn Tamil Padam Aduvum Solluvaal demonstrated by Dr.Rajashree Warrier, set in Raga Sourashtram. This is a creation of Vaideeswarankoil Subbarama Iyer and is among his most famous works.

NatyaSutra is an attempt to permanently preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of India. Our dream is to provide 24/7 online access to personalized lectures, tutorials, classes, and performances of all Indian art and culture.