Happy Diwali Wishes

natyasutraonline.com wishes you a very happy and joyful Diwali.
Popularly known as the "festival of lights", Diwali is one of the major festivals of India.

All classes

Guru Dr Pali Chandra


Learn Begum Akhtar's famous Ghazal Woh Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qarar Tha. Kathak maestro Guru Dr Pali Chandra guides students through the various layers of this composition, exploring Begum’s nuanced take on love that is mature enough to accept not being acknowledged.

Guru Dr Pali Chandra

Workshop on Gita Govinda by Guru (Dr) Pali Chandra. She teaches abhinaya and kathak dance choreographies of three compositions - each on Krishna, Radha and Sakhi. Live performance by local folk artists and talks by three guest speakers (Gita Govinda nature and environment related talks, non-Kathak dancer Abhinaya session and body care tips)

Dr Neena Prasad

Master Class

Dr. Neena Prasad's teachings commence with an overview of the Swarajathi, elaborating upon its various facets. The Guru then teaches the students the Ananda Bhairavi Swarajathi, individual components of each part, and elaborates on the performance's technical aspects. This class simplifies the teaching process for learners by providing a complete version of the composition and student demonstrations for better understanding.

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