Teachers Day Wishes

This video pays homage to the teachers who guide us in our journey in dance. Kathakali maestro Sri Mudakkal Gopinathan Nair reminisces on the various ways in which his Guru Thakazhi Kuttan Pillai molded him. Today, he honors the Guru who went above and beyond his responsibilities as a teacher by shaping his students' moral and ethical viewpoints. Educators and instructors are the foremost protectors of our nation's cultural heritage and deserve our utmost respect. On Teachers Day 2021, NatyaSutraOnline pays tribute to all Guru's who forward the cause of Indian Classical Dance.

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Rama Vaidyanathan introduces us to the despair of a lover in this Bharatanatyam composition. Our heroine involves the birds in the sky, and this piece focusses on her lamentations to them over her treatment by her divine lover.


アーユルベーダ治療では、個人の全体的な健康状態に焦点を当て、とパンチャカルマつまり「 5 つの行動」、患者を活性化するための均等な戦略を表しています。パンチャカルマには、ナシヤム(鼻療法)、ヴァマナム(薬物誘発嘔吐)、ヴィレチャナム(パージ)、ヴァスティ(治療浣腸)、ラクタモクシャナ(血を流す)が含まれます。


Performance of a gifted artist, Sunanda Nair sharing her artistry and grasp of Mohinyattam with grace, eloquent gestures and swaying movements.

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