Highlights of Gita Govinda 7 day Workshop

The students spent a week with Guru Pali Chandra, reliving the magic of Poet Jayadeva's masterpiece Gita Govinda in a medieval environment fine-tuned to their specific needs. Participants left the sessions feeling invigorated and with a closer bond with themselves and their roots.

A a seven-day session, where experts at the Miyawaki Memorial Natural Lab in Thiruvananthapuram trained students from across the globe. Kutiyattam icon Sivan Namboodiri showcased the nuances of stage performance, while award-winning photographer Balan Madhavan guided them through the nuances of his art form. Similarly, renowned Indian classical music singer Renjith aided the group in honing their vocals, while Ayurveda practitioner Sunil Kaimal informed them of the need for correct body conditioning. The students also discussed their impact and duty towards nature with environmentalist M.R. Hari.

This project represents half a decade of planning by the entire team at Natyasutraonline, including the design, logistics and artist training.

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