In this video, renowned Kathak dancer and choreographer Guru Dr Pali Chandra shares the untold story of her Gita Govinda project. This was the first-ever successful attempt at compiling and choreographing the entire Gita Govinda, a masterpiece by Jayadeva. In partnership with Natyasutraonline, Guru Pali Chandra explains the challenges and triumphs encountered while creating this project from scratch, without any prototype or blueprint to rely upon. She also talks about the innovative approaches used for unique sections like 'Poem in Action' and the hurdles faced during shooting at far-off locations like Ponmudi and Kallar. The team aimed to recreate the natural elements of Jayadeva's original masterpiece, and the outdoor shoots added a mystical touch to this artistic endeavour. In the video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the raw and unscripted experiences that helped shape the Gita Govinda production into a mesmerizing dance odyssey.

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