Online Ghazal Workshop

Online Workshop, Guru Dr Pali Chandra

Online Ghazal Workshop

Online Workshop
Guru Dr Pali Chandra

20th August 2022
From 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM IST

About the Programme

Ghazals are lamentations of the soul that strike a deep chord with all who consume them, and India has various Gharanas which propagated it. For centuries, these melodic verses have acted as conduits for emotions and thoughts that humans find hard to express. To celebrate this unique tradition, NatyaSutra Online is proud to present a special Ghazal workshop hosted by Kathak maestro Guru Pali Chandra.

The gharanas are platforms upon which Kathak flourished, with each regional variant adding its own flavor to the subcontinent's heritage. As one of its foremost proponents, Guru Pali Chandra will bring the Lucknow Gharana's glamour and mysticism to a broader audience. Emanating from the Northern realms of India, participants can explore various facets of the Gharana via the lens of Ghazals.

The peerless Begum Akhtar's ' woh jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha' is a masterpiece in the genre. The Guru elaborates on the subtle overtones that make this piece a work of genius. The ghazal explores the unwritten themes of bonds, a belief that some relationships do not require fixed words or even the need for one's love to be acknowledged. Begum Akhtar perfectly brings to the forefront the reflective spirit of Ghazals, as the lyrics guide the listener on a nostalgic and melancholic journey. The Guru explores these themes, interpreting and cultivating her own emotions as she experiences this childhood favorite of hers once again. On August 20, come learn from the maestro as she teaches the nuances that made Ghazal a global phenomenon.

Audio Credits
Song: Woh jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha
Original version by Begum Akhtar
Vocal : Abhradita Banerjee
Kathak bols: Pali Chandra
Sitar : Paulson
Tabla : Mahesh Mani
Music Production: Charu Hariharan
Recorded : Space Workstation, Trivandrum

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