About the Programme

NatyaSutraOnline is the proud host of the 2020 International Digital Workshop on Indian Classical Dance, and the Javali project was an unforgettable experience in the same. The actual session occurred between 24-25th August, and a broad digital audience witnessed the spectacle. We are now happy to provide these discussions to those who may have missed out on the original workshop.

Interested viewers can avail themselves a chance to experience the process of creating and learning a Javali initially composed by a pioneer of Carnatic music, Mysore Sadashiva Rao. Javali’s are love anthems that resonate deeply with the common man. These became famous due to their perceived simplicity and heartfelt approach to poetry. The videos above are courtesy to the artist extraordinaire, Sreelakshmy Govardhanan, supervised via Zoom. This class is part of our ongoing #NatyaSutraLive Sessions and is now available to purchase for lovers of classical dance worldwide, accessible for two days. 

The Javali Journey

Online Workshop
24th - 25th August 2020
From 03:45 PM to
03:45 PM IST