Miyawaki Afforestation Live

Online Workshop, M. R. Hari

Miyawaki Afforestation Live

Online Workshop
M. R. Hari

06th November 2021
From 03:30 PM to 06:00 PM IST

About the Programme

The world is awakening to the need to urgently mitigate the terrifying specter of climate change and rapid global warming. As governments plan a host of conventions and Nationally Determined Contributions, the word 'Miyawaki' has garnered interest at the ground level. The 'Miyawaki Method' of afforestation represents a form of localized and individual resistance, the kind of which has never entered public discourse before. It showcases our capability to transform the smallest piece of land at our disposal into a mesmerizing forest. This process can often appear cumbersome and confusing, especially if we learn it from a multitude of sources. Hence, Team Crowdforesting plans to implement a live workshop to demystify the iconic 'Miyawaki Method' for all attendees.

This approach towards afforestation is the product of the imagination and labour of the late Professor (Dr) Akira Miyawaki. His determination to replenish an area's natural ecosystem, along with propounding the planting and propagation of indigenous species, is what set his system apart. M. R. Hari, a practitioner and staunch supporter of Dr Miyawaki's teachings, will lead the session. Drawing from more than a decade of both personal and institutional experience, he will carefully explain and detail the fundamentals of the Miyawaki method. The dos and don’ts, the underlying challenges, and the potential of this revolutionary ideology shall be meticulously discussed in this session.

Zoom Link will be shared on the day of the workshop.

Language: English

For more information, Contact: +91 94464 06749

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For more information on Miyawaki afforestation visit www.crowdforesting.org

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