Poothanum Thirayum is a ritual art popular in regions falling under the erstwhile Valluvanad kingdom. Thira represents goddess Kali and Pootham (attendants). This performed to please the godess Devi. It is mostly staged in temples dedicated to goddess Bhagavati and kavus (shrines). Members of Mannan community stage the performance as part of festivals like Talappoli, Vela and Pooram at the worship centres.

Pootham has a colourful costume with a decorated headgear, face mask and ornaments. The headgear would be made of sixteen engraved wood pieces. The Thira has a headgear but lacks face mask. The different steps of the dance are Chilambattam, Therupparakkal, Kuthirachattam, Muthalachattam, Pinangaal, Adival and Vettimalakkam. Thudi (small drum) is the instrument for Pootham's steps and Para (drum) for Thira.

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