Pakkanar Kolamthullal

Pakkanar Kolamthullal is a folk art form once popular in Alappuzha and Kollam districts. It was performed by members of the Sambava community. Kollam Thullal was staged at residences to ward off evil spirits and to bring prosperity. The performers would dance in a trance and make divine revelations or predictions. Nowadays, Kolamthullal is rarely performed as a ritual. But it is often staged as an artform.

Two people would make the performance. They will present the characters of Pakkanar Kolam and Ganapathi Kolam. They have a simple costume including silk cloth and decorations with tender coconut leaves around their hips. The percussion instruments are para, thudi, thappu and kaithalam. There would be singers who recite Pakkanar Charitham and the dancers would perform accordingly.

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