Mangalamkali is a folk art form prevailing in north Kerala districts of Kannur and Kasaragod. Mangalam is an auspicious ceremony in local parlance and kali a performance or game. Mangalamkali is staged for occasions like kathukuthumangalam - the maiden ear piercing of a girl, therandumangalam - first menstruation of a girl and thalikettumangalam - marriage. The dance is practiced among the communities of Mavilar, Kuravar and Malavettuvar.

The dance is staged around a post erected under a marquee. The performers, about thirty of them, would include men and women. Rhythmic songs and steps make it attractive. The lyrics are a mix of Tulu and Malayalam. Thudi is the instrument used and upto seven of them would be played for the dance. Mangalamkali is now performed on public stages as well.

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