Kothamooriyattam is a ritual art form associated with the Malaya community in Kerala's Kannur district. The four-member group which performs the art form are Kothamoori, a character in colourful red attire and headgear, two paniyas and a guru. The paniyas would wear illustrated facemasks and tender coconut leaves wrapped around their waists. Some leaves would be pinned around their heads as well.

The costume of Kothamoori resembles that of Theyyam, another ritual art form. The belief is that Kothamoori is a holy cow which arrived from heaven to revive the earth damaged by the floods. The dance, according to the belief, would help to have plants and cattle in abundance.

Traditionally, this dance is performed on the first day of Vrischikam month in the Malayalam calendar. The group would visit households in their locality and make brief performances. The guru will beat a drum and sing hymns praising Thrichambarathappan and Madayi Kavilamma, presiding deities of two Hindu temples in Kannur. The hosts would give presents - coconut, rice and betel leaves - to the performers. The hosts believe that the dance will help to ward off evil spirits and to bring prosperity, including crop abundance.

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