Koramba Kali/ Kambala Natti

Koramaba Kali or Kambala Natti is an art form associated with the Paniya and Adiya, two tribal communities. This is an agricultural dance performed during the paddy planting season. The Koramba, a triangular-shaped umbrella hat made of bamboo, was used by the tribes people to escape from sun and rain during farming activities. Kambala is a ploughed up paddy field. The process of planting paddy saplings is called Kambala Natti.

The movements of the dancers resemble paddy planting. Cheeni, a wind instrument, and thudi (small drum) are percussion instruments used. There will be three thudis. The percussion artists would stand on the bund of the paddyfield whre the performance is made. The dance lays more emphasis on the thudi beats than the lyrics.

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