Kakkarissi Natakam is a folk art form popular in south Kerala. This is a satirical dance drama. The theme includes mythological stories featuring Hindu deities and comments on contemporary issues. The main characters are Sundaran Kakkalan, a male, and his two wives. The show begins with Kakkalan and Kakkathis, his wives, greeting the audience. Kakkalan's profession is folk medicine while his wives are engaged in fortune-telling by way of palmistry and face reading. Other characters in the show would be Thambran, local landlord, and a Vedan (a community). The play proceeds as a chit-chat with the thambran who would be seated among the audience. The show will also have snippets on good messages on social life.

There are Kakkarissi Natakam plays in which the Kakkalan and Kakkalathi characters are human forms of Lord Siva, Goddesses Parvati and Ganga. Plays featuring Hindu mythological characters are usually staged during temple festivals.

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