International Women's Day 2023

Guru Pali Chandra, her disciples, and members of Team Natyasutra decided to honour the most important woman in their life, 'Mother Earth'. This International Womens Day, they set out to personally clean and replenish their surroundings, honouring the role played by Mother Nature in their lives. This spontaneous act played out when the Kathak maestro and her disciples arrived for a production shoot concerning her much-anticipated Gita Govinda rendition.

The Guru and the Natyastura team realized that the area needed to be cleaned before they commenced work. It soon transformed into a quest to rid the place of waste over a widespread radius, as the project's ethos champions an environment-friendly approach at all times. The team's efforts also drew in an enthusiastic public response, as concerned citizens and Panchayat (local self-government) officials began showing up to lend a hand. International Women's Day 2023 was transformed into a day to honour the lady who protects us all without bias, Mother Earth.

These outdoor shoots are a part of Guru Pali Chandra's effort to combine, translate and interpret all 24 songs of poet Jayadeva's iconic Gita Govinda. This is the first such attempt in modern Indian cultural dance history. The focus on Radha in this project will bring new light to the many complexities and mystiques surrounding her character. 

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