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An ancient land, home to ever-changing empires and kingdoms, India is a rich tapestry with centuries of cultural and historical transformations woven into it. The story of Lord Krishna and Radha’s eternal love is etched in our minds as one of the greatest romances of all time. And the credit goes entirely to Jayadeva, the 12th century poet and composer of the matchless song of love, Gita Govinda. To devotees of the Eternal Lover-God, it is a song celebrating Radha-Krishna romance. To artists and performers, it is a work of rare musical beauty, and to lovers of poetry, a text of peerless literary value.

Introduction to Gita Govinda

When the world sought love, Jayadeva bestowed upon it the tale of Lord Krishna. When the world looked for the true meaning of loyalty, he pointed to the character of Radha....

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The Content Structure

The poem is structured as twelve chapters or cantos and sub-divided into twenty-four divisions called Prabandhs. The titles of each of the 12 sargas or cantos in the Gita Govinda carry...

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Kathak Rendition of all the 24 Songs

The glory of Kathak is all set to be further enriched with a magnificent new Indian Classical Dance production. Guru Dr Pali Chandra has compiled, choreographed and composed all the 24...

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