Rajasthani Jugalbandhi

2 tracks | 12 minutes

Songs From Rajasthani Jugalbandhi
Free 07:48
Nimbuda Nimbuda
Free 04:15
About the Rajasthani Jugalbandhi

Most of the Rajasthani folk dances are accompanied by instruments, namely, Dholak, Kadthal, Nagara and Morchang. Dholak, Nagara and Kadthal are percussion instruments, while Morching is a string instrument. Jugalbandhi is a musical ensemble in which all the aforementioned instruments are played together. Jugalbandhi is usually performed during Rajasthani wedding ceremonies and other auspicious occasions.

Nimbuda Nimbuda" is one of the most popular folk songs from Rajasthan. It is sung during the weddings and other ceremonies. The musicians are dressed in white dhotis and kurtas with their heads  embellished with colourful, oversized turbans.

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